Thursday, August 27, 2015

Improvisation is the Name of the Game

The kids wanted to make cookies.  I did not want to go to the store again!  We looked in the pantry to see what was available and I found a recipe on line for sugar cookies that didn't need baking powder.  We didn't have enough white sugar so we added some confectioner's sugar. Sarah and Miles use a whipped yogurt spread instead of butter so we used that where butter was called for.  I had no idea if these cookies would turn out AT ALL but the substitutions didn't seem to matter and they were actually very good.  Kinda cakey.   Then we made the traditional confectioner's sugar/milk/vanilla frosting and the kids each picked a color for their frosting.  We found some sprinkles so we were good to go!
That night, Beck and Elle wanted to sleep on the couches in the family room.  Okay, why not?!  They settled in and Beck went to sleep pretty quickly but Elle and I stayed up for awhile and had the best talk about all kinds of important things.  I just love it that she is old enough to have serious conversations with me--it was so interesting and fun to hear what goes on in the thoughts of a 7 year old.  We talked about everything from getting ears pierced to why many men don't like to cry in front of people, to Elle's hopes that our cats will still be with us when we move to Dallas, questions about my dad who has been dead since I was 18, and lots more.  I loved it!
 Love these sweeties so much!
The next day Beck had a "popsicles at the playground" event at his preschool, where the kids were supposed to be able to meet their new classmates for the upcoming year.  I didn't put Jack down for his morning nap because we had to go but I figured we wouldn't be there long and he could have an early afternoon nap.  Of course, he fell asleep in the car seat on the way to the preschool.  I had originally planned to just carry him in my arms while we were there, though in retrospect it would have been a good idea to take a stroller.  I got the older two out of the car and then decided I would just let Jack sleep and carry him in his car seat.  Oh, my goodness.  Bad idea!!  That thing was so heavy and we had to walk quite a little ways to get to the playground from the parking lot. I actually had to stop twice and put him down and take a break. What was I thinking??  People were looking at me limping along like I was a lunatic.  We got to the playground and I set his carseat on the ground for the duration while he slept away. The kids had a popsicle and played a little bit but never did see any of Beck's friends or classmates.

It was really hot outside so we didn't hang around for long. One of Sarah's friends recognized me and we chatted for a moment. She said I got the grandmother award for bringing all three kids by myself and allowed that her mom would have never done that.  LOL  I was happy to get a little validation.  :)
The kids wanted to make a welcome home sign for their parents, who were arriving later in the day. Again, I did not want to go to the store so we set about searching for items we could use.  Elle found these red cards but we couldn't locate any scotch tape or string/thread to hold them together. I was quite proud of my improv here:  dental floss, paper clips from Miles' office to hold each card onto the floss, and black electrical tape to hold the sign on the wall.  Pinterest worthy?!  Well, "A" for effort, at least!
 The kids added some of their special cookies and cute little welcome home notes that they'd written.
 Mommy and Daddy are home and they brought presents!
Sarah and Miles were delayed at DFW because their bag did not make it with them.  Elle kept wanting me to text Sarah and see where they were.  Several times it was "still at the airport."  The kids were SO anxious to see their parents!  Finally Sarah texted that they were about to turn the corner so we went out into the back to watch them approach the carport. OH, such happiness!  It was sweet to see their little reunion.
 Another picture of Jack eating. haha
 The next day was Miles' birthday so while he was at work, we made a cake and decorated the house.

Miles reading his cards.  Happy birthday, Miles!  I am very lucky in the son in law department--all three of my guys are just the best.  Miles is such a nice person, great husband to Sarah and wonderful father.  And he even likes his mother in law pretty well.  :)  We get along great--I am very happy to have him.

After a fun night, it was time for me to pack up and get ready to leave the next morning for Clyde, Texas, where the fun would continue at Susan and Corey's.  I had a short stay in Dallas so I will be visiting with them some more on my way home in September.  I loved keeping Elle, Beck and Jack--they were really sweet and easy, even if I am feeling a little old to be doing the 24/7 thing with kids.  It can be exhausting! But in a good way, for sure. I loved every minute of it!

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