Friday, August 7, 2015

The Rest of the Day in Amsterdam

 Another houseboat
 Kitty in a store window, and I guess they don't like bikes!
 Rembrandt Museum
 Want some coffee or some reefer?!
 Colorful building
 Clothes and bike
 More people enjoying the day
 I thought this little boy was cute, hugging the statue
Of course we had to walk through the Red Light District.  It is HUGE! I had no idea how many blocks it covered.   You can see a woman sitting in the window. We passed several who tried to entice us to come in.  :)

Artist on the street
 Decorated bike

 We stopped for lunch and I asked our waiter if I could take his photo. Doesn't he look like a stereotypical Dutch man?!
Back to the terminal building.  This time we walked in, stopped at Information, and were told we didn't have to buy a ticket, just walk through the turnstiles.  Then a little stroll back to the ship and our day in Amsterdam was done. 


Suzassippi said...

I enjoyed the whirlwind tour! I liked Amsterdam, what little bit of it we had time to see. On our first trip to SA, we had almost a day (from 8 am to 5 pm) layover in the AP, so we took the train into town and walked around a bit.

Anonymous said...

I would like to go back and see more. I thought Amsterdam would be one of my favorites, but I really liked Copenhagen better based on this short stopover.