Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Finishing up in Stockholm

 I was fascinated by this cemetery where the graves were so well tended, even having live flowers that were planted in the ground, not just in vases.

 Two women and a dog

 Stylish Swede
 Old guys in a boat
 Cool shops

 Look!  Blankets at the outdoor cafe here, too!
 Okay, I have to say that these two look like my stereotypical idea of Swedish women.
 We stopped in a pub for a snack. We ordered fried fish but didn't expect this stack of little bitty ones! They were pretty tasty, though.

Stamp shop
Cute mannequin
Out on the street

On the way back to the hotel, we walked a few blocks to find the bus stop for the shuttle we needed to take to the airport very early in the morning.  We checked on the times and made sure we had the right amount of money to pay for it.  Then back to the hotel, eating in their dining room since we were worn out from our day long trek around the city.  Our trip was almost finished. One more stop in Iceland, then home to Alaska!

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