Monday, August 10, 2015


Of course, we had to have some bratwurst for lunch!

And some tea and pastries later

 It was fun being in my home country again!
 A few shots from the ship as we pulled away

 What a pretty little town, huh?
We ran into some of our table mates in town.  One woman commented that Warnemunde reminded her of Cape May, New Jersey, and then hurriedly said, "Oh, but you wouldn't know what I was talking about."  I said, "Sure we would! We both lived in New Jersey and my Mom is still there. We've been to the shore and Cape May!"  She said, "Oh, really? I had no idea."  I said, "Yeah, we talked about all this when we first met at dinner."  That flustered her a little. It was typical that she didn't remember because she was probably not even listening...every last one of them were much more interested in themselves than anyone else at the table. LOL

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