Monday, August 10, 2015

Lots to see in Copenhagen

 I always love it when I find a little demonstration of some sort.  :)

 The famous Nyhavn area
I had no idea why all these locks were placed on the bridge,  so had to do some research later and discovered that they are called "locks of love."  Couples pledge their love to one another, lock the lock onto the bridge, and throw the key or keys into the water so that their love will never be broken.  After reading some more, I learned that the largest locks of love are in Paris, on the Ponts des Arts bridge on the Seine. In fact, there were so many locks that they were becoming too heavy for the bridge and while we were on this trip, the city began to take them down.  Apparently lots of people already know about the locks of love but we were a little late to the party! 

 Two guys enjoying some ice cream

Something else I loved about Scandinavian countries--most of their outdoor cafes had blankets or throws on the backs of the chairs so you could cover up if it was chilly or breezy. What a great idea!! Perfect for a cold natured person like me! 

Unfortunately, it began raining like crazy so instead of sitting outside, we went into a little cafe and had some hot drinks to wait out the storm.

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