Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Keflavik and Heading Home to Alaska

We arrived in Keflavik a little early so drove around a bit before returning our SAD car.  :)
 Rock sculptures along the road
 Keflavik seems like a friendly place!

We dropped off our car with no problem and a friendly young guy drove us to the airport, talking about the economic struggles in Iceland and the corrupt politicians.  :)  At the airport, oh no,  Rich realized he'd left his phone in the car!  We tried to call the car company with our phones and had no luck. Eventually I asked a security guard if there was somewhere we could use a phone and he clued us in that we didn't have to dial the country code, just dial the number direct.  Rich reached the SAD Car office and a guy volunteered to bring the phone back to the airport.  So nice!  Rich went back out through Security while I went on to find our gate, stopping at Passport Control to wait for him in case there were any more issues.  Before too long, he arrived with phone in hand and we made it the rest of the way with no trouble.  Whew!
Wisdom from the Keflavik Airport
Somewhere over Greenland
We left Iceland at 5 PM and arrived in Anchorage at 4 PM--a little bit of time travel!  :)  Our friends Anne and Jeanette hosted us for the night and our friend Donna came over for dinner with us (though we failed to get a photo)!  Although we were exhausted by then, we had a great time chatting over Indian food and staying up way too late.  We were up early the next morning and caught a cab to the airport since Anne was riding a bicycle and Jeanette had to be somewhere at 6 AM for work.  Poor Jeanette!  As always, I was nervous about flying into Unalaska but we had a good trip and no issues, thankfully!

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