Monday, August 10, 2015

Farewell, Copenhagen

Despite the fact that it got really cold and rainy and I had no rain gear nor a hat and adopted the look of a drowned rat, Copenhagen was another of my favorite spots.  It was very clean, the buildings were beautiful and charming, and the people were so nice and friendly. I would definitely go back!

 Plates for sale on the street
 Cool store window
 Stylish Dane
 An old cemetery
We were getting really wet and cold so we ducked into this coffee shop, where the manager was so nice and told us to stay as long as we wanted. We had some more hot drinks and a huge chocolately brownie for me and a pastry for Rich.  The cafe had free wi-fi so we took advantage to check emails and post some photos. 
It was a great little place!

 Bikes everywhere

 Church of Our Savior
Back to the bus!  See you again one day, Copenhagen!


Suzassippi said...

Love the blue plates!

Anonymous said...

Me, too!