Monday, August 10, 2015

The end of the cruise and two days in Stockholm

We arrived in Stockholm and had one day to go ashore, then one more night on the ship before disembarking the next day.  The first day was cold and rainy so we decided to take the hop-on/hop-off bus rather than walking around too much in the rain.  We ended up walking quite a bit anyway!

 One of our favorite things, of course, an outdoor market

Giant white asparagus

 We were walking past this church and heard the organ playing so we went inside for awhile.  Beautiful!
By this time we were very cold and wet again, so we found a cafe where we sat under a heater and had a hot drink before running for the bus to get us back to the ship! 
Even though this was not the best cruise we've ever been on, we did meet some lovely people. Above, our gregarious waiter and friendly assistant.
A nice dessert
Our room attendant.  He was pretty shy and didn't interact with us much, but a sweet guy.
The infamous table mates. I hope they never run across this blog.  :)

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