Thursday, August 6, 2015

London, too quickly!

Rich promises me we can go back another time and stay longer!

 Big Ben

 At Buckingham Palace

 National Gallery in Trafalgar Square

 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
 Trafalgar Square

We were starving by the time we finally stopped at a little cafe to have some fish and chips.  We were told "cash only!"  We'd been using Euros on the trip and had no British pounds on us so we  had to walk to an ATM and then come back.  Of course, that did not help my already whiny mood!  I was sure we had a picture of the food but Rich took some on a borrowed phone that would work in Europe so I'm thinking we didn't get them off it.  Anyway, we had traditional English fish, chips and peas...I was not that crazy about the peas but  the fish and chips were good!
 Iconic phone booths
 Rich and Palle
 Back on the bus!

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Suzassippi said...

You sure managed to pack a lot into 3 hours! I am impressed. Well, not so much with serving peas with fish and chips--never heard of that one! Rich and Palle look like bros!