Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Case of the Leaky Baby (and other Gigi mishaps)

I am paranoid to drive in Dallas with the grandkids in the car and try to avoid it at all costs.  Usually there is someone else around so I leave the driving to them!  But this time, I was on my own and we needed to make a Target run.  I had promised the kids they could get a toy and I needed a few things as well.  After Jack's morning nap, we decided to go for it!  I didn't think I needed to take his whole diaper bag so I set out two diapers and a package of wipes and we went out to the car.  I got all three buckled into their seats and then realized I must have laid the diapers and wipes down on the couch on the way out the door.  I was too worried to leave the kids in the car alone while I ran back into the house, and I did not want to unbuckle all three and take them inside, then have to start all over. "We won't be gone that long," I thought. Even Elle said, "It's okay, Gigi, we won't be gone very long."
I drove to Target, which is not that far from their house, with no problems--hurray!  I got everyone out of the car, put Jack into the seat of a shopping cart, and we made a beeline for the toy section, where we browsed for a good thirty minutes while Elle and Beck weighed the merits of various toys on Gigi's approved list and price range.  Once they settled on one thing each, we went to pick up a few other items we needed.
While walking down an aisle, I thought I smelled something, and sure enough, Jack had done his business in his diaper.  I figured we were almost finished and we could just rush through the rest of it and get home in no time.  We quickly picked up the rest of the items and meanwhile Beck had climbed into the cart, where he said, "Gigi, why is my toy all wet?"  Oh, my goodness, I looked down and Jack's diaper was leaking (just #1, not #2, thankfully).  We had swung into Starbucks (inside Target) because I was dying for some tea and had promised the kids a drink. I thought it wouldn't take too long, but, of course it did!  Finally, I had my tea and the kids had a strawberry smoothie and we were just about to walk away when a woman said, "Ma'am, your baby is dripping all over the cart!"  Major Grandma Fail!  Although her tone let me know that I was a terrible mom, I was kind of impressed that she actually thought I WAS the mom.  LOL  On the other hand, she could have been feeling sorry for these kids who had such an old lady for a mother, who knows!
I had bought diapers but I have to admit that I couldn't bear the thought of trying to take all three kids into the restroom and change Jack in there so I just loaded everyone up in the car and drove home.  I know, I know. Terrible!  Remember I said it wasn't that far, though, right??!  Got that sweet boy cleaned right up and all was well in the world.  We spent another hour trying to put together the lego toys the kids picked.  Let me tell you, I am not that great at following picture directions. Something about that "spatial relations" thing that I've never really been a champion at.  Please give me written directions and I will manage a little better!  Eventually, we were finished, and quite proud.
You'd never know this boy was a preemie!  He has a good appetite and likes all kinds of food so he has really caught up on his weight.
 Yay!  We did it!!
 More swimming and hanging out in the back yard.

At some point I had texted Sarah and asked her if her dishwasher was broken. She said it had been fine when she left.  I swear, I could not get the thing to work--it would turn on for less than a  minute and would then turn itself back off.  I tried everything and it would just do the same every time.  Then it didn't seem like the water in the kitchen sink was getting hot.  It would get sort of a tepid warm but never really hot.  So for two days, I was boiling water on the stove and washing dishes by hand in the sink!  Sarah's friend Candace stopped by one afternoon with her three boys, just to say hi and see how we were doing.  Of course, the boys wanted to swim so we invited them to stay for awhile and they had a big ole time in the pool while Candace and I were chatting.  I happened to mention the dishwasher so Candace went to look at it and started it right up.  What the heck! I don't even know what she did differently but it was fine.  Then I admitted to her that I had been boiling water to wash dishes and we laughed about that.  Later, after Sarah was home, she said it just takes a long time for the water to get hot.  I know I waited and waited but I think I must have been pushing the handle in opposite directions, not sure which way was hot and which way was cold, so I never gave it a chance to heat all the way up??  Or something!  I am not sure how I can be so clueless sometimes!  But luckily there were not really any problems with the dishwasher or the hot water.  Just Gigi problems.
Candace's son Finn and Beck
I said "everybody wave" and it looks like two of them did.  :)

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