Monday, August 10, 2015

Day Two in Stockholm

We got up early the next day and left the ship.  Honestly, we were glad to get off.  It was not the great experience we were hoping for, but we were philosophical and said, "Well, at least it got us where we wanted to go and we saw some beautiful and interesting places along the way."  One of the funniest things about the cruise was that their activities were like something out of the 1950s.  On the Celebrity cruise prior to this one, there were so many things to do that it was hard to choose.  On this cruise, they did have some talented dance instructors who taught different kinds of dance classes every day, but I couldn't talk Rich into taking them! haha Otherwise, they had things like rolling hula hoops across the deck, a "crazy hat" relay, the relay where you blow up a balloon, run to a chair, sit on the balloon and pop it, trying to make a basket into a kids' size basketball net while a staff member was moving it back and forth, and so on.  Coincidentally, there was an old documentary about cruising playing repeatedly on our cabin TV, and the same games were being played.  Anyway, we were pretty bored on this cruise and were thankful for port days.  I can't say that we will ever cruise on Costa again.

We caught a cab to our hotel, which was in a nice walkable neighborhood, though a little distance from the sights.  After checking in, we went out to look for some lunch but found a grocery store nearby so bought some goodies there instead and ate in the room.  Then we took off for more walking adventures!

 Stylish Swede

Sir Paul comes to town


 The address says 24 Highway to Hell  :)
 "The wandering kind out after dark"

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