Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Meanwhile, back on the ship we were having more issues.  We signed up for internet and then couldn't get any of our devices to connect.  I went to the library on board where the ship provided a few computers for passenger use. There was a young woman working there, but she explained that she was "really there just for the library" and didn't know anything about internet problems. She stated that I could use the computers there but I told her I wanted to upload photos, etc., so that wouldn't really work. She then offered that there was a guy who worked the night shift on the customer service desk who "knows more about computers."  Later, I went to meet with him and he tried a few things but also could not get my laptop or my phone hooked up.  He seemed puzzled and said this had sometimes happened with Apple devices but he didn't really know what else to try.  I asked if there was an IT person and he said not for passengers, just for the crew.  Nice.  Another day I went back to the library to see if there was anyone more knowledgeable there, but a nice guy who was one of the dancers from the entertainment team was working.  He basically told me that there was no one dedicated to internet issues; they just pulled staff from other areas to work in the library when it was open.  This was another weird thing about the cruise. On other ships we've sailed, the library is open most hours, the books and games are out in the open, and you are free to take whatever you need (and  hopefully  you will return it).  Many of the items are donated or left behind by other passengers, anyway.  On THIS trip, the library was open one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. The rest of the time, the used, worn, old books and games were LOCKED UP.  And you had to check them out if you wanted to use them. Seriously, I had to sign a form that said if I did not return my used, worn, dogeared books by the day before disembarkation, my account would be charged.  Really.

I did check out a couple of books after I read everything on my Kindle and Rich and I were going to play Scrabble but when I went back to get a game, all they had left was the German version.  Why  not?!  It was pretty funny playing because the letters had different values than we are used to, and there was that umlaut over some of the vowels! We just played them as if there was no umlaut.  :)
Our next stop was Vigo.  This time, we could walk right off the ship into town.  We spent a couple of hours strolling the streets, and had little luck finding working internet in town, either!  Oh well, who needs internet on vacation, right?  (Says she who is somewhat addicted!)
 The port building
 The famous "Merman" statue, symbol of Vigo

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