Friday, September 18, 2015

On to Amarillo

I drove back to Dallas and spent one night, then took a flight to Amarillo to visit Bonnie, David and kids.  But while I was in Dallas, Sarah and I went to look at some apartments since we will have renters in our house till June.  Let the planning begin!

Bonnie and David were also moving, though just from one house to another in Amarillo.  They were supposed to be in their new house when I got there but I would help with unpacking and keeping the kids amused.  Due to delays with the carpenter and the painters, they were still not moved in when I arrived. We spent one night with David's parents and the next day Bonnie and I tackled a lot of unpacking in the bedrooms and kitchen so we could move in. Whew!  Moving is not that much fun!

 Luke checking out his bed in his new room

Cutie pie Ada just turned one year old.  She does not like too many people besides her parents but I was determined we would be best friends by the time I left!  She would let me hold her if Bonnie wasn't in plain sight or if I took her outside to look at the leaves on the trees and to listen to the neighborhood dogs barking. 

Riding in the stroller as we walked to school to pick Emery up.  Their new home is close to lots of their friends and just around the corner from Emery's elementary school.
 Emery loves Kindergarten and her teacher, Ms. S.  Emery told me, "She's a good one!"  She also asked me another day, "Do you know Ms. S's real name?"  I said I did not. She said, "It's Windy! She's named after the weather!"  I asked, "Windy or Wendy?"  "Windy!"  I told Emery "That's a pretty name."  She replied, "It's not a pretty name, Gigi, it's a cool name. It's kinda like a rock star name.  If I was a rock star, I would be called Stormy and I would wear all black!"  I told Bonnie and David this story and we were all shaking our heads wondering where she comes up with this stuff.  :)  Another time, I went to get Emery by myself and Ms. S and I were chatting so I told her the "Windy" story.  She said yes, she and her sisters were named after the weather.  Her sisters are Stormy and Misty.  :) 
 See, I did win her over!  Precious baby!

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