Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fresh Produce!

We received our first shipment of fresh organic produce from the Full Circle Farm today! Here's what our box contained:

1.5 lbs. freshly dug Yukon Gold potatoes (they still had dirt on them!)
1 cantaloupe
6 Bartlett pears
2 bi-color sweet corn on the cob
2 Japanese eggplant
.75 lb. Romano beans
5 Dapple Dandy pluots
.6 lb. Thompson grapes
1 pt. red grape tomatoes
.34 lb. cut greens salad mix
1 bunch green kale
1 bunch escarole
1 fennel

YUMMY! We picked up a roasted chicken at the store and had a nice salad, along with some grapes, cantaloupe, pears and pluots (had to taste just about everything!) It's all delicious! Now Rich has to dream up something good to make with the veggies. :)

Tomorrow we get to log on and make our choices for next week. What fun!


Sarah Durham said...

Beautiful (as Miles would say!)

Susan said...

I want to come eat dinner!

CelticDiva said...


If you make it to Anchorage before October 18th, be here for a Saturday and go to the Farmer's Markets. They are running late this year and the produce is excellent!

Gigi said...

Thanks! We have never managed to be there for a Farmer's Market. Will probably not be back through till Dec. and then just changing planes. But will definitely keep an eye on the schedule next year.