Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We arrived in Ketchikan early this morning, had some breakfast and went into town about 8:30 AM. It was cool and cloudy, reminded me of Dutch Harbor in that respect, though it looks nothing like the Aleutians. Lots of trees, lush greenery, and definitely a bigger town. Rich was hoping someone would ask us where we were from so he could say we wanted to see how the city folks live. LOL We spent a couple of hours walking around town and went to the Totem Heritage Museum which has preserved quite a few totem poles from the area as well as a variety of Alaska Native artifacts. Many of the houses are built on the hillside and have long outside stairways leading up to them. I am not sure I would want to make that climb every day. :) We had a short stop in Ketchikan and had to be back on the ship by 1:30. Had some lunch and I had a very soothing facial this afternoon. I loved it! But then they wanted to sell me $350 worth of products so I had to make myself say "no thanks" and walk away. We had dinner in a restaurant called Sabatini's--good food, but way too much, as always. We then went to see a comedian in the theater. I figured it would be pretty lame but he was actually hilarious and we enjoyed the show. Came downstairs to try to quickly check emails and blog (the pennies are ticking away on my internet meter!) Last night, it took me at least an hour to upload photos to the blog so I am going to wait and do those another day. Hope everyone is doing well; I feel weird being so out-of-touch! We will be in Juneau tomorrow morning and hope to see Kyle and Emily, though we were unable to reach them by phone today.

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Sarah Durham said...

Mom, so glad you are having such a nice, relaxing vacation. I know it is a nice change of pace from Denver. Keep the updates coming....I worry if I don't hear from you : ) Love you lots!