Thursday, September 4, 2008


We arrived in Juneau this morning and met up with Kyle and Emily downtown. It's cool and drizzly, definitely Alaska weather. We walked around a little bit, stopped in a neat little coffee shop for a hot drink and then went to rent a car for the day. Coincidentally, Emily and Kyle's shipment of stuff from Dutch Harbor arrived today so Rich and Kyle have gone to pick it up while Emily and I are hanging out at their apartment. They have a cute place not far from the Governor's Mansion and across the street from an old cemetery. Interestingly, many of the houses around the Governor's Mansion have Obama signs in their yards. LOL We had a great lunch at the cafe where Kyle is working part-time and are going to go on a driving tour around Juneau and the area when the guys get back. More later!

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Betty said...

I am so envious of your trip but love visiting the places with you. Is Kyle working in Juneau now? Let me know if you or Richard rec'd my stuff on the program.