Saturday, September 13, 2008

Medicine Dream and other good things

Home again! Our kitties were glad to see us and our flowers on the porch are still blooming, much to my surprise. It's been cool and rainy since we arrived at home; I am afraid summer is about done. :(

I went right back to work on Thursday and am also taking the after-hours call for the next two weeks. Can't say I am crazy about either one. It started out hectic and hasn't stopped.

Last night we went to see a band called Medicine Dream. The Aleutian Arts Council brought them in to do a concert and it just happened to coordinate with my agency's annual Health Fair today so some of the band members were doing workshops for us this afternoon. Oh my gosh, these guys are GREAT! Most of the members are Alaska Native of various nations, the lead singer is a Native guy from Newfoundland and the lead guitarist is part Aleut, the bass player Yup'ik. They combine rock music with traditional indigenous music and some amazing sounds result. They can rock out, they can play the blues, and they completely respect their Native heritage in all that they play. They are also carrying the message of wellness and wholeness, sobriety and spirituality and reconnecting with culture. A totally positive and uplifting group of guys. They all have "day jobs;" the lead singer is a substance abuse counselor and the guy who plays traditional drums and flutes works at the Southcentral Foundation in the traditional healing department. Those two did a workshop on wellness today but unfortunately I was not able to attend. I did get to talk with the bass player and the drummer out in the hallway--super nice guys who said they were really enjoying being in Unalaska. They have 3 CD's out so I bought their latest one last night and have been playing it today. I wish I had taken my camera and had a picture to post but you can see them on the website--check it out at

So I had to get up early this morning and go work at the health fair but it was fun to be there with lots of people from the community and to put the word out about our services.

My other excitement is that we did finally get signed up for the organic produce that I mentioned awhile back. We should receive our first box this coming Thursday. I am so pumped!!

Rich and I have been talking about our requirements for living somewhere after Unalaska. So far we have a few:
1. Closer to kids and grandkids
2. A nice farmer's market
3. Fast internet
4. Public transportation
5. Reasonable access to a good airport
6. Progressive politics/community activities
7. Not too terribly cold (Jane's requirement, Rich doesn't care)

That's not too much to ask, is it? If you have any suggestions for a wonderful place that meets those criteria, let us know! :)


Susan said...

Sounds like Dallas or Fort Worth to me. LOL

Susan said...

I just checked out Medicine Dream--they are awesome. They were in Mississippi last year for the Choctaw festival! Small world.

Betty said...

You could always go to Jackson altho' it gets pretty cold there. NJ is too far from your kids and Mississippi, too hot - sorry Susan! Your criteria is limited but you might as well look for a place you really like. What happened to NC? I will check out that band too.

Susan said...

Believe me, when the criteria was 'progressive' I knew she couldn't come to Mississippi! LOL

Gigi said...

There's never "too hot" as far as I am concerned. But "progressive," now that's another thing! LOL We haven't ruled out any place, though. Still on the search.

CelticDiva said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Medicine Dream!

Thanks for including me in your blogroll!