Monday, December 22, 2008

"A Christmas Carol" takes my mind off travel worries

Bad weather in Seattle has stranded planeloads of people in Anchorage for the last couple of days.   It's rainy and very windy here tonight so I am getting a little concerned about the odds of flying out tomorrow.   And even if we do make it to Anchorage, can we get out of there and on to Seattle?    We pricelined a room in Seattle and you know there are no refunds on priceline if you don't show up (doesn't look like quite the bargain then, does it?)   With connecting flights that will fall like dominoes, it's really important that we take off, and take off ON TIME, Pen Air, thank you very much!  Click on the title of this post above to see the full story at the Anchorage Daily News, and then send up lots of positive vibes that the weather and airlines will cooperate on Tuesday!  

It's been a super busy day, trying to get everything done before I go out of town.  I never correctly anticipate how much time it will take me, so I end up running around like a crazy person at the last minute.   Our little group of teens did a read-through of "A Christmas Carol" at the Senior Center tonight, so that was a nice little respite for me and then it was back to my office till almost 10 PM.    At this point, I just have to admit that what's not done is not getting done till January.

Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim

Anne handles the sound effects

Tiny Tim, The Ghost of Christmas Present, the Narrator, Scrooge, and the Ghost of Christmas Past

My coworkers Darcel and Donna

If you are local or can stream KUCB on the internet, the radio show will air on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.   I love all the things we get to do in a small town.  

I'm mostly packed and still have to clean up a little bit around the house before we leave it with our house/cat sitter (kinda like cleaning before the maid comes, you know, you hate to have anyone think you have a messy house, right?  Not that I am implying he's the maid...just sayin') 

We confirmed that we will be serving meals at a homeless shelter in Vegas (if we make it to Vegas...) on Christmas Day.   I asked how many people lived there because I thought we might be able to bring some unique Alaska gifts, especially if there were some kids in residence.  I didn't think I was so naive, but I was pretty shocked when I was told that there are 270 people staying there right now.    And that's only one of many shelters.   Really makes me count our blessings even more, knowing that we are safe and dry and don't have any major worries in our lives.   I imagine with the economy these days, there are increasing numbers of people who just can't make it any more, very sad to say.   Let's hope that their lives will improve soon.

Finally, Happy Hanukkah to the Kardon gang and congrats to my niece, Alana, who graduated from college in Texas!

Here's hoping the planes are flying tomorrow.   


Bubbe said...

I'm sending good travel vibes your way. Don't forget to speak with your guardian angels! Michael protects travelers and travel, by the way. :) It is sad about all of the people in homeless shelters, and I think you're right about the increase due to the recent economic disaster. It's so great that you'll (hopefully) get to help. We always have a group from our temple who help at the shelter on Christmas since Christmas doesn't hold the same meaning for us, and that way, the Christians who work there can be with their families. Alan also always works on Christmas and lets all of his employees go home early. Have a wonderful trip, Merry Christmas, and give all the kids our love!

Suzassippi said...

Apparently, someone already sent all the warm thoughts from the South, since it is freezing here and ice everywhere. :) I hope you get out, or if not, that you have a new journey of some kind that will be a blessing cleverly disguised as a challenge.