Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunny Sedona

Susan, Ally and I spent part of the day downtown enjoying the sunshine, the shops and some lunch while everyone else went on a hike.

Ally loved strolling around.

Meanwhile Elle had fun on her daddy's back for a hike in the hills.

Sarah, Elle, Miles, Bonnie, Aidan and David

We did it!!

Elle trades out and rides on Uncle Dave's back for awhile.

Grandpa Rich and Aidan check out the hot tub on the back deck at the house.

We have lots of space to soak up the sun.

The front of the house

Aidan, Bonnie and Sarah take a soak. We are not sure why the hot tub was full of soap bubbles!


Suzassippi said...

Love the pics of the kids--thanks! What's up with that Pebbles hair-do of Ally's? LOL Beautiful scenery. Speaking of fam, where has your mom been after the last "Road Trip"?

Gigi said...

Mom's been out in Jackson Hole, not even sure if she is home yet! We need to give her a call!

Carlisleboy said...

Awesome Pictures Guys!!! Check out the Fiter and Drain and refill the hot tub so you do not gum up the hoses. Bubbles can be murder on a hot tub, despite what you see on TV all the time. I am at home and just had an almost Whiteout so much so that I could not even see the light from Peking accross the road out my window!!! Cold still at the Hotel but Maintaince is working on it. Only once plane today so Only 3 more catalogues for Gigi!!!
Keep Safe and Enjoy it guys!!!

Gigi said...

I thought it was soap but the kids said it was just foamy from the jets. It was supposed to be ready to use when we got here. But we will check it out some more and make sure it's okay. Wow, you are having lots of snow! Glad we are missing it. I think it was in the high 60's here today. Nice!

Carlisleboy said...

You do know I am going to have to post a picture on my blog of your mailbox so that I can show everyone how many trees you have killed with your catalog addiction right?

Suzassippi said...

Recycled paper, yet recycled again on all liberal catalogs--get with the program, CB. :) Besides, my colleague (whose husband works in forestry) says paper is good, paper is king, paper is big business. He promises he replants a tree for every tree felled to supply our never ending needing for furniture and paper and begs us to take our recycle boxes out of the office.

Bubbe said...

Great pictures! I put bubbles in my whirlpool all the time- only organic of course, and I've had it for over 10 years with no problema- yet! Of course it's not exactly a hot tub, but I'd say they're pretty close. And with all of those boys in the tub, maybe they were a different kind of bubbles... :) I was in Austin today, and it was in the high 70's- a beautiful day! The kids are all adorable! Yes, you too, David and Miles, Sarah, Bonnie, and Susan! And Rich is pretty cute, too. OH, and can't leave out the amazingly lovely Gigi! love you guys! k