Saturday, December 6, 2008

Weekend update

We have the most gorgeous sunrises in the winter time.  These photos do not do it justice but this was the view out our front door this morning with just a few minutes in between.  

It looks the bees v. whales boot rumble has about run its course so it's time to post something new.  You can still vote for a few more days if you are so inclined.   It was silly fun and I enjoyed hearing from people I don't know--thanks, all!

The annual Firefighters' Ball takes place tonight so Rich and his crew have been working long hours preparing the food.  Meanwhile, the Senior Center hosted an arts and crafts fair from noon till 4 today, so I have been hard at work (chatting) and selling photos.  I am happy to say that we had another successful day of sales, and in fact, we are about out of stock.  Luckily, our ink arrived a few days ago; today a box of mattes and backs came in.  I need to get busy building up our inventory for the Midnight Madness sale at the hotel on the 12th. 

My car is finally running again ($200 and a lot of hassle later).  I just don't like that feeling of having to depend on others to run me around.  There aren't very many miles of road here and lots of people do not own a vehicle, but I have to admit that I feel lost without one.  

We are already receiving Christmas cards!  Okay, I have always aspired to be early sending out holiday greetings but I have never managed to do so.  This year, we are meeting the girls, guys and grandbabies in Sedona, AZ from Dec. 27 to Jan. 4 so I am planning on taking pictures and then sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards.  If you are usually on my list, be forewarned that we will be really late.  Loved the cute photo card of Sarah, Miles and our happy, smiling granddaughter Elle that showed up in the mailbox yesterday.

Yes, we are gearing up for another vacation!  We leave here on Dec. 23 and fly to Vegas for a couple of days.  Christmas in Vegas sounds kinda weird, huh?  We did not want to get stranded here and miss the trip with the kids so we are giving ourselves a cushion in case the weather is bad.  Did not really want to go to Phoenix early and just wait around (no offense, Phoenix), it's a cheap flight to Vegas, and Rich kinda talked me into it.  My one request is that we do something of service on Christmas Day so I have emailed a shelter to ask if we can do some volunteer work there.   It bothers me to see the excessive lifestyle all around while people are homeless and hungry.  Of course, like many humans, I am pretty inconsistent and certainly enjoy my vacations and my purchases (did I say I want to get tickets to see the Cirque du Soleil show "Love,"  based on Beatles songs?!) Otherwise, Vegas Schmegas.  I can take it or leave it, but maybe Rich will win big at the casino and fund our retirement since our 401K's have gone all to hell.  What are the odds?!


Bubbe said...

I've never been to Vegas, but it could be fun-especially Cirque du Soleil. Glad you're getting to help out at a shelter, too- that's important work, and we all should do something whenever we can. We got Sarah's card too- it's adorable! I haven't even started thinking about sending cards. I've got to get through with this play first. The Beth-El Players have a motto- "Never peak too early," and we're definitely living up to it with less than a week before opening! I hope you have a fabulous vacation in Sedona with the kids and grandkids. Merry Christmas!

OH, and very cool about your photos- sounds like a new business is being born!

Betty said...

You'll love "LOVE" with the Beatles songs! Make sure you put that in as a priority. I certainly enjoyed it. So now you've found a retirement business! Glad you are so successful!

Rich said...
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Gigi said...

Ooops, I was signed in as Rich and commented as him. :) Anyway, as I was saying, I have only been to Vegas once; it's not really my kind of thing and I believe I told Rich that I didn't need to go back. LOL But I think the Cirque show will be fun. And I heard back from the shelter that we can serve lunch and help organize some donations so that will be good.

Betty said...

On your last survey - I would like to be wealthy. Too late to be intelligent or gorgeous. Figure I could do a lot more with wealth than not.

Gigi said...

LOL Yeah, I would like to be wealthy for all the good stuff I could do with it...I would be a great philanthropist. But I am sticking with "intelligent" instead. :)