Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time Passages

It's cold and rainy today.   Perfect day to stay at home with a good book.  

Rich had a busy day yesterday with preparations for the City party and then stayed with me till the end of Midnight Madness so he was a tired guy by the time we got home.  Midnight Madness was fun and we sold some more photos; I think we might actually be making a profit by now.  LOL   We also finally got some greeting cards done, though they did not sell as well as we thought they would.   Next we have to make arrangements to leave the rest of our inventory on consignment at the hotel gift shop while we are on vacation.  

The Unisea holiday party is tonight so Rich has another long day in store for him.   Although the weather is miserable, I went over to Anne's house earlier so we could discuss the music for the radio play.  Ended up cooking some breakfast for lunch, chatting about a number of things, and trying to figure out some future community projects.   Had a great time and it just made me think about all of the memories with my women friends from Texas.  That has definitely been a little bit hard for me here; starting over and trying to make new friends in one's 50's is not the easiest thing in the world.  :)

Sittin' here listening to  Neil Young's "Live at Canterbury House-1968" that I just downloaded. Boy, do those songs bring back memories, too. How did Neil get so old?  How did I get so old?!

Happy weekend, everyone.  Hope you are staying warm and dry, wherever you are.


Bubbe said...

Cool about the photos, etc.! Ahhh, Neil Young- they just don't make them like him anymore, do they? Don't go saying you're old- thoughts become things, and I'm not ready to be old yet, so you can't be either. Life is just beginning! Now I gotta go soak these sore muscles in a hot tub... :)

Suzassippi said...

Warm and dry in Texas, with a beautiful clear sunny day here. I went outside barefooted in my pajamas to take a picture of birds playing and cats. :) I look forward to having dinner tonight with 2 of those women friends here in Texas, and we will think of you, and hopefully, give you a call!

Bubbe said...

Well, you must have sent your cold weather this way because it is FREEZING! It's in the low 30's, so the annual "big chill" is upon us, and it's not even really winter yet. Kids and teacher alike are hoping for sleet and or ice tonight so that school will be canceled tomorrow, but frankly I'm not- we'll just have to make up the day in June, and who wants to go to school an extra day when summer is here?! On the other hand, I do not want to go outside in the cold. I wore long-johns today, and I was still cold. ick.

Betty said...

Rainy here - started out with hail but was too warm to get icy. Was concerned as I make the big trip to Wyoming tomorrow at 4:30 am. Can you imagine? Think I'll just stay up tonight. Nice to listen to old music and like you said, it brings back memories. Don't get thinking old because it radiates to me. Haha! Kristinn gave me a couple of books to read and am looking forward to them. Had a wonderful time with the fam in Arlington - guess you saw her pictures!

Gigi said...

Have fun in WY, Mom and tell everyone hi for us. Will talk with you soon.