Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We go to see the "big hole in the ground"

which is what Aidan has been calling the Grand Canyon ever since he found out we would be taking this trip. It was a gorgeous day for a drive and for experiencing the beauty of this majestic landscape.

The kids (big and small) could not resist a snowball fight.

Aidan found a snowman someone had left behind.

Sarah and Miles

Sarah and Elle

Susan, Aidan and Ally

Bonnie and David

Aidan and Uncle Dave are fascinated by the view.

"Grand Canyon? Who cares! I'd rather play in the snow!"

Aunt Bonnie and Aunt Sarah with Ally and Aidan (Elle was snoozing and missed the photo op)

It was a long day but one to remember.


Carlisleboy said...

I love the Grand Canyon. Too bad you did not have time to do the donkey/mule rides down to the bottom. (Probably not a wise choice with little ones anyway).
Here in Dutch it was cold today but not too bad. The City Council meeting went long tonight (About 3 1/2 Hours) But Katherine and Shirley were working together nicely even if Dick was holding up everything!!!! The Windmill was the big controversy as was the new powerhouse expansion. And the Fireworks have been moved to 10pm instead of Midnight.
Have fun you two!!!

Alaska Steve said...

Great pictures and I'm jealous - that is a favorite part of the country. When I was younger (and much thinner) I hiked the Bright Angel Trail to the river and back to the rim. My last visit was to the North Rim and I contented myself with watching the sunset over the canyon from a deck chair.

Suzassippi said...

Good pictures, and lucky, you have kids who are so darned gorgeous they always make things look good. I'm glad to see a photo of you--I was starting to think you were not really there.

My one excursion to the GC, we drove from Vegas in a non-airconditioned truck named "Flame" and got to the north rim just as the sun was setting. I saw one view for 5 minutes, and then it was dark. LOL We ate, and drove back to Vegas where I had to catch a flight the next morning.

Now THAT truly was a "What was I thinking?" moment.

Gigi said...

We saw the mules but, yes, are a bit limited in what we can do with little ones. It was my first time ever to see the Grand Canyon! Crazy that it took me so long to get there. I know what you mean, Steve, that's about my style these days, too.

Kinda sad about changing the fireworks to 10 PM. :(

Gigi said...

LOL Susan, I can just picture that little adventure!

Yes, I am here, just don't like many photos of myself making some sort of weird face so I have to be picky about what's posted. :)

Betty said...

I have been to the North Rim in July and about froze my buns off. I always wanted to go to the South Rim where it's supposed to be warmer. Guess that's where you were! Pictures are great and do it justice. If you call, use my cell phone as I'll prob be at my cousin's house in Pomona.

Bubbe said...

I still haven't made it to the GC! One of these days- I'm hoping. It looks like you had a great time. I'm trying to get ready for company- just a little New Year party here tonight. I think I'd rather be at the Grand Canyon...though having friends over will be fun I'm sure.

Suzassippi said...

Randy said he was surprised that none of you made the hike down--knowing your crew, even carrying babies. I agreed, and said 2 of them would even run back up. :)