Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trials and Tribulations and Looking forward to Vacation

After assuring fellow blogger Alaska Steve that his photo uploading problems had nothing to do with his Mac, I have had photo uploading problems myself for the past three days. At first I just thought it was our slow internet but now I keep getting a message saying Safari can't open the page. So I switched back to my laptop, thinking maybe it WAS the Mac after all. Now, on the laptop, Blogger acts like it is uploading the photo, tells me it's "done" and yet no photo exists in the blog entry. I have done this four times. So I am thinking I am just going to have just post words till we figure out what the heck is going on. Sorry, I know y'all like the photos more than my ramblings. :)

Last night , we made a run out to Alaska Ship Supply to buy some jumper cables because we are having more vehicle troubles, this time with Rich's car. Not only does he have a continuously flat tire but his car died the other day and has been sitting in the parking lot of the AC Store (Alaska Commercial Company). On the way to Alaska Ship, I was surprised to note that we now have railroad type crossing gates keeping vehicles from driving over the runway when a plane is taking off or landing. This is due to the fact that the Grumman Goose clipped a truck last summer--a little bit of excitement for all, though thankfully no one was injured. It all looks so professional and official now--not nearly as much fun. After the purchase of the jumper cables, we got Rich's car started and he drove a few yards to the gas station to air up his tire, turning off the car without thinking. Ooops. He had to push the car backwards into the AC parking lot so we could get it jumped again, then we took it to the hotel and left it running while we went shopping at the AC Store. It's going out of business (soon to be taken over by Alaska Ship) and has everything 25% off, so we stocked up on lots of staples and nonperishable items. Nice. Back to the hotel to see if Rich's car would start again if he turned it off and the answer was NO. It's still sitting there till he can find the time to deal with it some more. It's really worn out and probably needs a battery, not to mention some tires.

Some of my Texas friends were together last night and gave me a call--loved hearing from y'all and miss you lots!

Meanwhile, our box of fresh produce from Full Circle Farms came in two days early on Monday night. We have not even finished last week's stash. We are trying to be healthy and Rich has fixed us a very pretty platter of fresh fruits and veggies to snack on.

We exchanged gifts at our staff meeting at work this morning and I was slaving in the kitchen last night making banana bread to take. Unusual to see me in the kitchen. haha I am the queen of online shopping since moving to Unalaska so have been trying to get the last of our gifts sent out. I feel weird that I have not sent out a single Christmas card because that is one of my very favorite things to do each year. But receiving others' cards is even better so I am enjoying checking the mail every day.

We leave on vacation a week from today--can't wait to see the kids and grandkids! We will be blogging and hopefully will be able to get some photos uploaded so you can see how cute they are.


Alaska Steve said...

I have a really hard time posting anything without a photo, the photo in some ways defines what I say - you do a great job though. Happy holidays to you and Rich - I'm jealous you're seeing the grand kids, I have two grand daughters in North Dakota I miss terribly! Cheers, steve

Gigi said...

I feel a little self conscious these days because I started this blog for my family and friends down south to keep up with us and they either 1) want to hear about our regular daily lives or 2) know how I am and don't mind my prattling. haha Now that other people are checking in, I feel that I need to make it more interesting or exciting somehow. LOL Photos definitely help and I think people like seeing where we are and what we are doing. I am so annoyed about not being able to post any!

Grandkids are the best, aren't they? I always wish for more time with mine. I think we are bringing my grandson back with us in July for part of the summer, so that will be great fun. He will be 6 by then. He has a little sister who is 21 months and then another of my daughters has a 10 month old baby girl. They are all just precious! How old are yours? How often do you get to see them?

Happy Holidays to you and Goldfish and Chico!

Bubbe said...

Speaking of grandkids, Rachel sent me a text message today to make sure I was alive. It seems they were in the car, and Abram told Rachel that "Bubbe is sitting back here with me because she slipped." Rachel thought maybe I had slipped and somehow killed myself, and that my ghostly self was sitting in the back of her car with Abram. I told her she should call Big Bubbe (mother-in-law) and make sure she's ok. She was...weird what kids come up with! (Abram is 22 months old)

Gigi said...

Wow, that's weird. You and Marlene should be careful for a few days! :)

Alaska Steve said...

I have two grand daughters, ages 2 and 8 months. My son does a pretty good job keeping me up to date with pictures but i only see them once a year, sometimes twice. They are all coming out here this summer for a visit, that will be fantastic!

You know, my blog is the same. I started it to keep in touch with family, and that is still the reason I have it. Along the way, I've developed a following - 100+ different folks on a typical day, almost 2000 unique visitors in a typical month - but I don't have a blog for them - I have a blog so my 75 year old Dad in Maine has something to read with his cereal in the morning with a secondary purpose of challenging myself to a semi-regular, semi-creative output. So stay true to your original purpose and audience!

With that said I've made some wonderful friends through my blog that have enriched my life enormously. There is always the option of taking your blog private, I have one of those for just family that is password protected where we can all let our hair down a bit! We'd miss ya if you did though!

Cheers, steve

Gigi said...

Good advice, Steve, thanks! I am not worried enough that I want to go "private." Our family used to have a big group email where many of us wrote to everyone else quite often, but it has fallen by the wayside a bit with blogging taking over. Even my mom has a blog now! (Hey, maybe we should get your 75 year old dad and my 77 year old mom together. LOL) We definitely said a lot of stuff on the group email that we don't put in our blogs for all the world to see. With this being a small town, I try to keep it positive and not to diss anyone or anything too much.

Great that your son and family are coming out. They will have a blast! My two oldest daughters and husbands were here two summers ago and loved it...even did the Ballyhoo Run. My youngest daughter and her little boy came over for Thanksgiving a year ago. I hope they can come again in the not too distant future. It's hard only seeing your grandkids once a year, maybe twice, I know! But at least we have all this technology now that families didn't have years ago.

Sarah Durham said...

YAY! I am so excited to see you. We will be together in about a week.

Gigi said...

Me, too! Can't wait!