Friday, March 27, 2009

A beautiful day for a flight to Anchorage

The sun's been shining and it's been just gorgeous all day.     We were chasing volcano and flight updates as the hours went by.   At 2:30, we were told that some planes were going to try to come in from Anchorage and we should call back at 5:45 to find out if one was in the air.   If it was, we would be confirmed on a 9 PM flight.
As instructed, I called the airport at the appointed time.   Imagine my surprise when I was told, "several planes are here and others will be landing shortly so you should come now!"   When I asked about the 9 PM thing, I was told, "oh, they got out earlier after all."   Ooops. Rich wasn't even finished packing.    Upon arrival, we joined a very long line, got our boarding passes and were told that, unfortunately,  our flight to Portland was somehow scheduled for the 30th.  No telling how that happened.   The local Pen Air folks could not get the itinerary worked out so we agreed to deal with it in Anchorage if we could at least get out of Unalaska tonight!

Oh yeah, I failed to mention that as we were leaving the house, Rich was watching the news and reported, "the volcano just blew again!"   Nevertheless,  four planes had arrived in Unalaska in quick succession and there were more than enough of us to load them all up.   Two planeloads boarded while we were waiting for our turn.   As we sat, we saw all those people get back off their planes.   Soon we heard the announcement that none of us would be leaving tonight after all.   Come back tomorrow at 9 AM and we will try again.  

We don't often have four planes overnighting in Unalaska.   The good news is that when they go tomorrow, we should be on one of them.  :)   Stay tuned for more adventures.


Suzassippi said...

There are no words--:) Hope you make it by the 30th at least to catch your flight to Portland. I saw on one of the Akutan blogs where no planes had come in for 12 days.

Gigi said...

Yeah, that could be our luck, too. I had a friend stranded in Nikolski for three weeks last year when the volcano went off. She ended up leaving on a boat. :)

Gigi said...

PS See what adventures you and your students could have? Be sure to tell them to plan to be flexible where travel is concerned. LOL

Suzassippi said...

I'd say maybe we will get stranded and have to stay a few extra days, but we will all be broke by then, and Randy and I will have cruise tickets waiting in Anchorage, so I better not jinx myself. :)

cookie dough said...

sooo did you get out?? Great pics of the planes!
I CANNOT BELIEVE this weather...wacky!!!!

Lori said...

Neat pics! I've seen your blog but have just now decided to view, mostly because of the "adventure" you're having trying to get to out of AK. Been a tough week. I hope you make it to your convension.