Monday, March 23, 2009

Plants, Flowers, Herbs, Tea Party, and a Volcano Eruption to Top it All Off

My thumb seems to be a bit greener these days.  Our plants are coming along nicely.

The aerogarden is full of fresh herbs for the taking.

Char gave me an amaryllis for Christmas, but since we were going to be traveling, we saved it till we got back, hoping it would still grow.   And, wow, it certainly did!  It took off really fast and was in full bloom in no time.  What a gorgeous sight!   Thanks, Char.

My friend and former co-worker, Judi, is a very talented quilter.  When her sewing machine had to be replaced at a huge cost, some of the local women decided to get together for a little tea party/fundraiser.   And it just so happened to be Judi's birthday!   It was so much fun getting everyone together, sharing good food and good conversation, and acknowledging Judi for all she does for the community.

Kathleen, Annabelle and Sabrina

Not only does Judi donate her beautiful quilts to many a non-profit fundraiser, she also quietly makes "comfort" quilts for individuals in the hospital, dealing with severe illnesses, or coping with difficult life circumstances.  

Tonya and Anne

Oh, and new baby quilts to welcome sweet little ones into the world.

Melanie, aka Cookie Dough

Judi in the purple.  Somehow this is the only photo I managed to get of the guest of honor. 

Man, we have some talented cooks and bakers in this town.   Way too much food, but all of it had to be tasted.

Sharon was sitting with some others, who shall remain nameless (but their initials are OPLG and LS) because they said I could not put them on the blog.  Cropping does come in handy.   :)    I guess I am going to have to carry permission slips around with me.   

Zoya, who hosted the tea party

We are having more excitement on the volcano front.  Mt. Redoubt decided to pop five times last night.  Flights are cancelled due to ash fall.   Rich and I are trying to get out on Thursday so really, really, really hoping that things calm down before then.

Send up some good thoughts for us!   We had lots of blowing snow all weekend and part of today but now the sun is shining brightly.  


cookie dough said...

GREAT pics! I think I have the same ones LOL except I'm putting LS I on think she secretly loves it. OPLG, well she broke my camera, every one is blurry!

Will we get out on THUR??? I see eruption #6 happened while I was at the gym!

Suzassippi said...

Lovely tea party! Loved the volcano pics--quite the awesome. Here's hoping all is calm by Thursday and you have a great trip and conference.

Bubbe said...

Your volcano made our newspaper! I hope it works out that you can leave as planned. I always love your pictures- plants look fabulous! And what a neat reason for a tea party.