Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Ally!

Our second grandchild, Allyson Avery Turnell, was born on March 8 two years ago.  We were not able to get to Texas till she was almost three weeks old so we had to be satisfied with phone calls and photos till then.  Here she is with her proud mommy Susan and daddy Corey a few days after coming home.

Big brother Aidan was not quite sure what to think of this little newcomer!

Finally in Texas, just in time for a baby shower given by Susan's sisters Sarah and Bonnie.

Back in Texas for Ally's first birthday.   She was just starting to walk and cute as can be!

Out for breakfast with the family.   

Cute family photos taken by Uncle David.

From our recent family gathering in Sedona at the end of 2008.   Little Miss Independent wanted to do everything for herself and explore everything without any help.

Gigi loves having time with her sweet girl.

Ally with her brother Aidan and little cousin Elle.

Happy Birthday, Ally!  We love and miss you and can't wait to see you soon.   


Suzassippi said...

You are so fortunate to have not only beautiful and loving and intelligent daughters, but beautiful and talented grandchildren. I love every time I see their pictures, and am reminded of the moment when I first saw Aidan in the hospital and later, held him in my arms. I may or may not ever have this joy for myself, but I have loved every moment you and your daughters have shared in my life. Miss you lots!

cookie dough said...

Gigi, you are so blessed, what a beautiful family! And omg it seems like months ago when you were your daughter was in labor with Ally and you were hurrying to TX --time flies!!

Betty said...

Happy Birthday from your great-grandmother too! I will save your gift until you come home in June!NJ will always be home and don't you forget it!

Bubbe said...

There is nothing quite as sweet as grandchildren! I know how you must miss being with them.