Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The little details of life

Anne getting hugs after her performance in "Grace and Glorie" on Friday night.  Great job, Anne and Linda!

Saturday we had a party to recognize 25 years of Unalaska Community Broadcasting.

Melanie's friend Cheryl came to visit from "down south" and they were busy bees running all over town.  Here they take some time to help us out at the membership meeting and birthday bash.  Thanks, gals!

Food, games, a silent auction, and a little bit of a business meeting rounded out the afternoon.
Happy Anniversary, Bonnie and David!   Aren't they cute as can be on their wedding day?

We're still getting lots of eagles hanging out on our porch and our fence.
I'm so happy to have my internet back!   After days and days of calling TelAlaska and trying one thing after another, they sent the techs out to our house while I was at work yesterday.  Rich said they installed some new wiring and told him that the original wiring hadn't been done properly in the first place.   Maybe that explains our on again/off again internet issues!  Thanks, guys!    They said the TV should be clearer and the internet faster.   We can't be sure, but both DO seem better.  Maybe true, maybe wishful thinking!

I have to admit that the internet seems to grab a lot of my time and I managed to get SO much more reading done when I couldn't get online.   :)  Check out the latest additions to the 100 Book Challenge list on the right.

In A Private History of Awe, author Scott Russell Sanders ponders "the astounding 'is-ness' of things."   "Why this apple, say, gleaming in sunlight on a pine table carved with lovers' initials, why this sound of a cello and fragrance of lavender filling the air, why this flow of breath, this mind absorbing it all, this planet hurtling through space, this universe unfolding?  The moment we begin taking this skein of miracles for granted, we cease to live, no matter if our hearts still beat."    Others call it "being present,"  living in the moment,  experiencing the now without dwelling on the past or anticipating the future.  How difficult that is!  


cookie dough said...

No Internet!! Perish the thought! LOL I get a lot done when I don't have it. It was like that at work today until 2pm!

I love UCB...proud to be an officer on the board this year :) Maybe I'll even host after the semester all the pics, especially the wedding ones --GORGEOUS

Suzassippi said...

The eagle picture is very compelling. It's like you can see its brain whirling about whatever is below that has its attention. The little details of life are fascinating!

Betty said...

I left a message awhile ago and had trouble signing in. It had Abby's google account on it. Funny. So went in on Kathi's, signed in there and switched over to try again. Anyway, seems like you're busy, busy with your new job.

Bubbe said...

You picked my favorite quote from A Private History of Awe! I've been working on "being present" for a few years now, and I'm getting better, but it is definitely easy to fall back into old, bad habits! I love the eagle- what a majestic creature.