Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spring Fever

I came home the other day to find an eagle party going on outside our house.  Most of them flew off when I walked onto the porch but this is a picture from last spring when they ignored us long enough to catch some photos.   

These eagles were far enough away that they didn't care if I was on the porch or not.  They were having a little rumble with the ravens at the time.

We've had sunny days lately, which makes me long for the shining green hills, splashing waterfalls, and brilliantly colored wildflowers of spring and summer.   I can't wait to get out on the hiking trails again!  

What a gorgeous place!  

Rich and I were both off yesterday and felt very productive after a full day of "chores" and taking care of several items that had been languishing for weeks.   We cranked up the music (is "shuffle songs" on the ipod the greatest thing ever?!)  and kept working till supper time (Rich made a delicious lasagna, which was enough of a reward for my trials!), don't you hate it?   What a thankless job that just has to be done over and over again!   

I'd rather be hiking!  Hopefully our Unalaska Biggest Winner crew will plan some group hikes--now wouldn't that be a blast, and healthy, too?

I am doing great on the "no refined sugar" thing.  Friday, my coworkers and I had our weekly breakfast planning meeting and I just had oatmeal with blueberries in it.  Perfect!  As long as there are no sugary products in the house, I am fine at home.  I did decide not to go to Sunday Brunch today in case the temptation was too huge.  :)

Tomorrow I begin my new job in earnest, as well as still working 18 hours a week at my old job till March 12.   It will be a little hectic juggling both, but I am completely excited about getting started at UCB!


cookie dough said...

Ohh bother, a couple of us "fell off the no-sugar wagon" last night. Alena had a bad day and I had leftover cream cheese (son bought 2x as much as I needed for the last event that included cheesecake) so I HAD to make a chocolate mint Oreo cookie cheesecake, heart-shaped with chocolate syrup drizzled all over..Starting over from March 1st. Why does she weigh less today and I'm rounder than ever??!! Not fair!!

Betty said...

All of your birds flew south to NJ and pooped on my deck. Even with snow on the ground, I think Spring is right around the corner - 3 weeks or so! I love your friend's comments. If I ever get back to DH, you'll have to introduce me as I feel I know them all.

Bubbe said...

I love the eagles! We just skipped spring and went straight to summer around here. We've already had temps. in the 90's! We're also in the middle of one of the longest droughts on record, so send us some rain- just not too much. Spring break begins this weekend, and I'm ready for it. I keep thinking this is the last time I'll...(give a TAKS, have spring break as a teacher, whatever- fill in the blank) and it's all very exciting. whoohoooooo.