Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patience and Acceptance

All planes cancelled today due to another eruption of Redoubt.   I'm packed,  the house is fairly clean, bed sheets changed for our house/cat sitter Jeff,  last minute errands under control. it's a little anti-climatic to be told "sorry, you are not going."    Now we wait till tomorrow, when we will show up at the airport at 10 and try again.   No telling how many others will be waiting with us, as it's that time of year when many temporary workers are trying to go home as well. Frustrating, annoying, and still, "it is what it is," so there's no point dwelling on it.   Living in remote Alaska has certainly taught me that there are many things beyond my control and that I might as well have a pleasant attitude about any situation that presents itself.   What a wonderful opportunity to practice.   LOL

Ironically, it's a beautiful sunny day out here.    :)

Yesterday I sat in on a webinar about using facebook for our radio/TV station--sounds like a great idea and one I will be pursuing when I get back from training in Portland (see, I am still counting on going!)   I'm also looking into starting a blog for the station so stay tuned for news about that.  We are definitely interested in using "new media" to make more contacts.

My new job is going really well and I am completely enjoying every minute of it.  Hurrah!  

Send up positive thoughts that we will get out tomorrow and I will be posting from our travels.


Suzassippi said...

If it is any consolation, it is storming like crazy in Natchez with thunder and lightning, tornadoes in Magee that have leveled buildings, and more of the same coming. It is what it is everywhere, apparently. :) I do hope you get out for the conference, but glad all is going well with the job.

Gigi said...

Bonnie emailed me that they are under a blizzard warning for Amarillo as well. :)

Betty said...

Fortunately, we've just had rain and that's doable for most things. Looking at your flowers, I'm thinking of the gardenia plant Kath sent me about 4 years ago. I transplanted it to a bigger pot and it looks like it is ready to bloom. It's the only plant that I am able to maintain except for cactus! We're sending good vibes your way. Hopefully, when you read this, you'll be in "sunny" oregon!

cookie dough said...

Poor Gigi & Rich...hope all goes well tomorrow and you make it all the way to PDX....bring lots of books :)