Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

I was looking back at old posts and remembered that this time last year, Rich and I were stranded in Anchorage due to Mt. Redoubt blowing its top over and over again. We wished Bonnie a happy birthday while we were waiting to see if we would actually make it to Portland for a conference for my then brand new job. A lot has happened in the year since, not all of it great, as you are very well aware. But to focus on the positive, we are confident that Emery's treatment is winding down and she and Bonnie will soon be back home in Amarillo with David, that life will get back to "normal," whatever that is, and these months in Houston will eventually be a faint memory.

When I became a parent, I imagined only the best for all of my girls...looking at those three sweet little babies, I could never anticipate the hardships that might come along with the joys. In an abstract way, I suppose I realized that life would not always be rosy. But I never looked at them and imagined everything that could go wrong. Yes, I was a bit of a worrier about car accidents and life changing mistakes but mostly I figured the future would turn out to be happy and their lives would be good. I certainly never imagined that one of them would have to go through cancer treatment with her own tiny baby. I still can't quite believe it. To say that Bonnie has handled everything with poise and grace is a huge understatement. I know that she has had moments of fear and worry but she has been an amazing mother to Emery first and foremost, and a pro at taking care of any requirement that has been laid across her shoulders throughout this ordeal. She's kept her head and her sense of humor despite all. Happy Birthday, Bonnie--you are a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, and mother. We love you and miss you, wish we could be there, and hope that you are soon home to celebrate many more birthdays with your sweet family.

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Kathi said...

What a beautiful tribute to Bonnie, Jane! I honestly don't think I could go through what she's going through without being a total basket case. She and David- and Emery- are all wonderful and amazing. Love you!