Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Headed to Alaska

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of blogging the last several days. Bonnie, Emery and I left Houston on Saturday morning and drove to Dallas to spend part of their Spring Break with family and friends. I've been having lots of fun visiting with Sarah and Miles and playing with Elle while Bonnie, David and Emery have visited David's family and new baby Willow, a couple of David's cousins, friends, and Bonnie's college friends besides hanging out with us. The days have flown by and I didn't want to take time to write when I could be playing with grandkids!

I have some cute photos and some video to post and will get those up as soon as I can (maybe tonight from my hotel in Seattle). Right now I'm sitting at my gate at DFW awaiting my first of three flights home. Will overnight in Seattle and fly to Anchorage in the morning, then on to Unalaska at 12:30 PM Thursday. Rich said the weather is beautiful today so let's hope it holds for tomorrow.

Bonnie and David are going back to Houston tomorrow and Emery has a clinic appointment and an OT appointment on Friday. Emery has done great on this trip, has been happy and very interactive, and has been sleeping very well at night. Aunt Sarah has doted on her and has loved having her around. Elle is crazy about Uncle Dave and the rest of us have taken a back seat to him all week. Nevertheless, I was able to get in some good "Gigi time" with Miss Elle Marie. She is hilarious and talking up a storm.

More later...hope everyone is having a good week. I am excited to be going home and hope Emery will get to do the same very soon.


Suzassippi said...

What great news on all levels! Safe journey!

Betty said...

Great news! Hope your trip goes smoothly.