Friday, March 5, 2010

We love the occasional peaceful day!

After our busy week, it was nice to just relax at Lauren and Dan's house all day today. Emery was very happy and smiley all day, enjoyed her toys and didn't mind tummy time too much. I did take Bonnie's car and run to the Post Office to mail our gifts to Ally for her third birthday next week. Then the Home Health nurse came and it takes all three of us to do Emery's dressing change but she did really well today and did not get so upset. We had a very late breakfast and then the nurse was here so we finally ordered some lunch from Jason's Deli and I left the house to go get it at 4:00 PM. The traffic was already crazy! When I got home, Bonnie asked me if I got lost. No, it just took forever!

See Bonnie's blog here for more info about our week and the exciting fundraiser coming up for the cancer center over Memorial Day weekend!

This evening I talked with Alaska Air and booked my return ticket. Although I hate to leave Bonnie by herself during the week, she assures me she will be fine and she has some backup here with Lauren or my friend Becky if she needs an extra person to come along for appointments, etc. David will be with them for Spring Break and then we are hopeful that they will not have to be here too terribly long after that. So it's time for me to head home to my sweetheart of an understanding husband, my very patient boss and coworkers and my two kitties who have probably forgotten me by now. :) I'll drive with Bonnie to Dallas following Emery's next chemo and will fly out of DFW on the 17th, arriving home on the 18th. I'll miss spending my days with Bonnie and Emery (and David when he is here) and will miss my other kids and grandkids, whom I've been able to sneak in a few extra visits with. But it will be good to be home, too. For those of you who check my blog for updates on Emery, I will try to continue to post from Alaska as often as I have news to report. Bonnie is trying to blog as well but her days are pretty busy and she may not always have a chance to write so I will try to help out with that.

In the meanwhile, we still have 12 days to cover before I go so I am not winding down yet! Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Betty said...

Yes, it's been a stressful time for all of you. Hopefully, Emery is on the mend. You are a wonderful mom and granny and I know Bonnie & David are thankful that you have been there to support and love them. Me thinks when you and Rich move back "down south" you might make it close to your kids.

Gigi said...

Yes, we would definitely like to be closer. But "where?" is the big question!