Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just Hangin' Out and Happy Late Bday to Ally

There hasn't been a whole lot to report, which in Emery's case, is a good thing! David stayed home this weekend to work on the house so it's just been the three of us plus Lauren and Dan, who continue to take good care of us.

Emery is getting busier and busier. Here she's reaching for her feet (that's her central line covered up on her leg). It was warm enough today to wear a more spring-y outfit. Bonnie and I are typically cold and keep running the heater upstairs while Dan and Lauren are sweating downstairs. (It's a wonder they haven't kicked us out yet). But today we actually turned on the air conditioner. It was sunny and humid outside and we considered taking a walk but everything else sorta got in the way and we never made it.

We can't decide if Emery is gaining weight or not but it's looking like she has a little bit of a double chin in these photos! What do you think? She's been kinda serious today but we managed to get a half smile out of her. She was happy through her sponge bath and enjoyed swinging in her swing for awhile. We are not quite sure where the hours go each day but we manage to fill them up without feeling like we have accomplished a whole lot. On the other hand, nothing is more important than taking care of this sweet baby girl.
The nurse has been by every day to change her dressing but the rash has completely cleared up and the nurse says it's all better. We get a day off tomorrow and don't have to mess with it till Emery goes back into the hospital on Thursday.

Yesterday was our precious granddaughter Ally's 3rd birthday. She was so cute when I talked with her on the phone and her mama said she'd been singing "Happy Birthday" to herself all day. We're sorry we couldn't see her and hope she had a lot of fun. We love you, sweetie!
Tomorrow we are going to try to drive back over to the outlet mall. I am so annoyed that my new jeans were washed one time (and never worn), coming out of the dryer with two holes in the leg. I suppose that's what I get for looking for bargains at the outlet. However, it looks like the store allows returns so maybe I can get some more.
Thursday Emery goes to Clinic and then will be admitted to the hospital for chemo. Dr. Thompson said she can go to Dallas after treatment if all goes well so we will be heading there when she's discharged next weekend. We'll spend part of Spring Break in Dallas with Sarah, Miles and Elle and the kids will also see David's sister Hannah and her husband Josh. They have a cute little boy named Grady and just welcomed baby sister Willow a few days ago. I know they are anxious to see Emery's new little cousin (and the rest of the family, too!)


Suzassippi said...

Don't you know holes in jeans are necessary? You clearly have not been on a university campus lately. :)

Emery looks adorable in her spring outfit and "leg warmer." Silly me, I thought it was part of the outfit, being totally out of the fashion loop except for knowing about holey jeans.

Happy birthday, Ally! You are as pretty as ever, just like your mama, aunties, and G-Mama.

Betty said...

Emery is definitely growing. She looks so cute in her outfit.

Ally continues to surprize me. she's really a cutie. I can see Corey in her but has mama's coloring.

Have fun in Dallas!

Gigi said...

I know, I am such a fashion klutz. I never know how to fit in properly!