Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's 2:35 AM in Texas....

but I am in Seattle where it's only 12:35, so here I sit, still on the internet. I am sure I will regret it when my 5:45 AM wake-up call startles me out of my slumber. Had a good flight, if long (4 hours), then a 20 minute wait for the shuttle from the Hilton (which I pricelined for $50--shall I remind you that we LOVE priceline?!) Of course, by the time you add in the fee for using the internet and the very pricey pitcher of iced tea I ordered from room service because I was parched when I arrived, well, let's just say that $50 was the base price and it's gone up a bit from there. Still, not a bad deal, huh? My suitcase was 50.5 pounds, which prompted the gate agent to say "good packing!" For some reason, they sent Big Blue all the way on to DUT so the hotel gave me a toothbrush and toothpaste and I guess I am sleeping in my clothes. No worries, I am happy not to be lugging that thing around.

So I thought I would do a little photo round-up of the last few days. I cannot get the videos to load so will have to add them later. Above, we have Emery in the hospital for her last night of chemo. Hurrah! So glad she is finished with that!

She says, "I've had enough and am tired of this!"

On to Dallas and my fabulous friends Karen and Kelly drove all the way from Abilene (3 hours each way) to spend maybe two hours with me. Now that's what I call friendship! Thanks, gals--you are the best!

Elle loves her new baby cousin and wanted to hold sweet!

She is a girl of a thousand expressions! Cracks us up with her faces and her commentary on everything. We went to a toy store one day to buy Aidan some birthday presents and she talked the whole time we were there, describing the various toys and exclaiming, "I LOVE that song, Mommy!" while listening to the music playing in the background.

Drawing while balancing

David and Sarah in the kitchen--he cooked us a fabulous meal one night. Miles was at work and Bonnie had taken Emery to visit some friends. I have a great video of David, Sarah and Elle dancing...hope I can get it uploaded soon.

David and Miles--great sons in law! We have a lot of fun together and they tolerate the mother in law pretty well. :)

More kitchen action

Miles home from a busy day at work

Emery with Uncle Miles and Aunt Sarah

Sarah wanted lots of Emery holding time!

More cuteness from Elle
Daddy's girl

Sweet cousins

I had so much fun with Elle! Miss that girl already. xoxoxo
Can't believe my time with this little one has come to an end. I hope she will get to go home to Amarillo soon! Miss her already, too! xoxoxo


"Talking" to Mommy and Aunt Sarah

Sarah and Elle

Bonnie and Emery


Beautiful girls

Sweet family


Betty said...

Love the pictures - ELLE MAKES FACES LIKE HER GIGI as a toddler!

Gigi said...

haha--THAT's where I've seen that look before--old photos! :)

Suzassippi said...

Hope you are safely back at home by now! Enjoyed catching up on the update.

Kathi said...

Great pictures!