Friday, April 8, 2011

On to Mariposa

After leaving Vesta's on Monday, we drove to Mariposa to visit with Rich's stepkids and grandkids. Monday night, we all went out for pizza and had lots of fun catching up with everyone. Hannah, William, Ryan (Sara's fiance) and Sara. William's wife and son were out of town so we missed them.
Sara's adorable daughter Emily with Hannah

Cute Cody, Emily's twin brother

Sara's handsome oldest son, Hayden

Ryan and Sara
Loving siblings :) William, Hannah and Sara

They have an older sister, Heather, who lives near Lake Tahoe and we will be visiting her and her family soon.

Tuesday while everyone was at work or school, Rich and I took a drive to the Merced River at Briceburg. Rich told me a harrowing story about how he nearly drowned in the river 25 years ago.

Later, we picked Hannah up from high school and she wanted to go bowling. We got to the bowling alley but it was league time so Hannah and Rich played a little pool while we waited for a lane.

Okay, there's a lane available now and here we go! I have not been in a bowling alley in years and was never very good in the first place. Let's just say that none of us would be invited to join the pro tour. Rich was much better than Hannah or me, though.

You can see my attitude! My scores: 74 and 101. :) If we'd bowled another game, I might have improved a bit more, who knows! I felt like I was just getting into the groove when we left. LOL

After bowling, we got a snack and stopped at the store for some food to bring to a BBQ with the rest of the family back at home. We had lots of fun hanging out with everyone and having time together. We don't get to see them often enough but always enjoy our visits.

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