Monday, April 11, 2011

We hang out with Rich's cousins

Next stop--El Dorado Hills, CA--to see Rich's cousin Mary Ethel and her husband Roger. They are SO much fun! We always have a great time visiting. Well, I say "always," but this is only the second time I have seen them. :) I guess that tells you how welcoming they are. We hit it off right away the last time I was there, several years ago, and had a great time again this visit. Mary Ethel had a big pot of spaghetti sauce going when we arrived and her daughter Susan, son in law Ryan and their two cute kids came over to join us for dinner. Sorry we did not get any pix of the kids!

After dinner, we drove over to their son Michael's yogurt shop, the Rockin' Frog, and had some dessert. Yum!

Thursday morning we sat around and chatted over breakfast, then went to Target so I could buy a few things. From there, on to Sacramento to meet Ryan after work and Vesta who happened to be in town for a training.

Tunnel to Old Sacramento

Back: Roger, Mary Ethel, Jane

Front: Rich and Vesta

Vesta and Jane being silly

We had a fabulous dinner at Ten-22, along with great conversation and lots of laughs. We walked Vesta back to her hotel and said our final goodbyes. Very cool that it worked out that we would see each other again in Sacramento! On the way back to Mary Ethel and Roger's house, we made a brief stop at a casino, where Rich won $50 and promptly cashed out. :)

Friday morning we were going to head out fairly early for Lake Tahoe but got wrapped up in computer stuff and political talk. Luckily, Mary Ethel and Roger still like us even though we have our left wing ways. Or we think they do, anyway. :) We really had a blast and enjoyed every minute of our visit. Thanks, you two!

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