Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shoes/The Feet of San Francisco

On Thursday, we took the bus to the Marina area and had a fabulous lunch of southern Italian food at a place called A16. According to Rich, it's become trendy to name restaurant after a highway that runs through the region where the food comes from. (We do have some food photos from that meal and from Boulevard. I will see if Rich will do a food post at some point!) After all the fun I had taking photos of street scenes, I gave myself another photo project: shoes. Here's the first one, people getting on the bus ahead of us.
Two guys chatting her up while waiting for a bus.

Union Street
Bus full of feet

Rainbow socks

Hello Kitty!

Flip flop weather

Getting a manicure but not a pedicure

Someone else who's not quite ready for spring

Someone who is!

Here we are, wearing our tootsies out with all the walking. We climbed more steep streets to get to the top of Russian Hill and browsed the shops in the area before walking all the way back to our hotel. I know I would be in great shape if I lived in San Francisco and walked everywhere!

Maybe her feet were hurting and she took her shoes off.

Heading back to work after lunch?

More flip flops
Waiting for someone

Animal print

Sitting in the sunshine


Egg with hair and pink shoes, and a cup with shoes on it

Summer dress and boots

Red shoes

Dog and best friend


Betty said...

Love your shoes! :O

Alyssa said...

What a fun post!!! I loved it!!!