Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun on the Boardwalk

Sorry I haven't posted much. My computer is all messed up and not allowing me to stay on the internet for long. I am shocked I have made it this far today. Anyway, our week in Ocean City is about done--we check out of the house tomorrow morning. :( One night we all went out on the boardwalk for junk food and rides at the amusement park. Here's Beck chillin' in his stroller.

Corey, Susan, David, Elle and Ally window shopping

Mom, Miles, Rich, Elle, Sarah, Emery and David

Enjoying the sunshine

Elle, Ally, Bonnie and Emery

Aidan and my brother's daughter Becca are the best of buddies.

Elle checking out a corndog

The boardwalk

Nothing better than frozen custard at the shore!

Just a little drippy!

Emery's enjoying one, too!



Isn't this fun?!


Susan and Ally

Having a great time!

Beck's zonked out!

Grandpa Rich took Aidan and Becca on some of the rides. Poor Becca freaked out on the ferris wheel and had to be let off.

View from the ferris wheel

This is much more fun than that big ole ferris wheel!

Acting silly

We've had a great time every day. I have a ton of photos and will try to catch up with more posts soon!

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