Monday, July 18, 2011

Our day with Emery and the last of our kids go home

Bonnie and David spent a day in Philadelphia so Grandpa, Granny and I got to keep Emery. We were not sure how she would do because she did not want to let any of us hold her or take care of her while we were at the shore. As long as Mama and Daddy were around, she wanted them. But we were sure all would be well and wanted them to go. Emery was still asleep when they left but she woke up happy, asked for them a few times but did not get upset at all, and enjoyed her breakfast.

After getting dressed, we played and did some coloring.

Really, the parents were not missed all that much. :) Bonnie and I texted several times and were both happy that Emery was doing so well.

The child who did not want either of us to hold her all week was now our "best friend" and sweet as can be.

We went outside and she loved letting the water from Mom's fountain run across her hand.

We then decided to take a walk to the nearby school playground but first Emery had to check out the psychedelic DARE car at the police station.

She loved touching and smelling Mom's flowers.

The slide was a little steep so I had to go down with her. I'm sure that was hilarious but thankfully no pictures were taken.

This is fun!

After our busy day, she conked right out for a nap without a peep. Bonnie and David had a great time in Philly and came home around dinner time, while Emery was still sleeping away. I think we wore her out!

The next day, it was their turn to leave. Our huge group had now dwindled to just a few and soon they were on their way as well. Goodbyes are no fun, but we could not really complain after having such a good time with everyone all week.

Bye, bye! They got stranded for weather in Denver again, but not for too terribly long. At least they did not have to spend the night like they did on the way to Jersey!


bonnie said...

I love those pictures of Emery! So glad y'all got some alone time with her!

Gigi said...

My photography does not compare with her daddy's but I am glad we documented our day. We had such fun! I love the picture of her with Granny's flowers. That look on her face! :)