Monday, July 18, 2011

Winding down at the shore

More arts and crafts. Elle really enjoyed putting the colored sand into little bottles. She kept saying, "This is SO much fun!"

Beck was busy working on his pulling up and standing skills.

Finishing up our crafts projects

Before we knew it, our week had come to an end. After packing up and cleaning the houses, it's traditional that we all go out to breakfast together before heading to our various destinations. There were so many of us that we were scattered all over Uncle Bill's Pancake House.

Sarah, Miles and Elle
David, Emery and Bonnie

Ellie, Brooke and Denise

Joe, Nicole and Tyler

Saying goodbye to cousins

Elle took this picture of Rich and me.

Gigi and Beck

We had a brief stop at Granny's before taking Sarah's family to the airport. Rachel and Khalil above.

Oren, Alex and Abram

Sarah, Beck, Becca, Bonnie and Emery

Elle took photos of her parents in the car on the way to the Philly airport.

About to go....
It's always hard to say goodbye...

Poor Miles had a huge amount of stuff to deal with!

Bye, bye, Durhams! We had a wonderful time!

After I got back to Mom's, Bonnie, Alana and I decided to take Emery and Oren on a walk around Laurel Springs. We went past the elementary school that Kathi and I attended briefly, past the house where Sarah and Bonnie lived as babies, and past my grandparents' home. I decided not to take a picture of it because it is in such disrepair. I know they would be so upset--they always kept it so nice, with flower boxes on the porch and a garden out back. It's sad. :(

My bro and family came by later. He'd been working all day at one of his jobs as a flight nurse. I am trying to talk them into transferring to Anchorage. :)

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