Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Ocean City

As you can see, we had so many people to catch up with! It was a blast to spend even just a little bit of time with each one of them, though I really do wish we'd had more of an opportunity to talk in depth. It's just crazy when you are trying to touch base with so many--but I loved every minute of it. Above, Aunt Donna, my brother Bill and son in law Miles are chatting away--probably about golf! The three of them plus my Uncle Bill had a great time playing golf together one day.
My cousin Robert and his wife Felicia came in from Glen Burnie, MD for the week. That's my sis with them.

My cousin Pat, her mom--my Aunt Jeannette--Pat's husband Jack and my Uncle Bill (Mom and Jeannette's brother)

My nephew Billy--funny that I have a grandchild older than a nephew....

My cousin Ruth Ann in the middle, her son Richard, and Richard's daughter Sarah

Elle with Aunt Bonnnie

My niece Rachel, her husband Greg, and two of their three boys, Aden and Khalil

My cousin Timmy and my Aunt Jeannette

Sarah with my sister in law Patty

My nephew Eli and his brother in law Tim

David and my niece Nicole's boyfriend, Tyler

My cousin in law Rick with Beck. He used to do this with Beck's mom when she was the same age. :)

Devon, son of my cousin Timmy and his wife Brandi

Veronica, Timmy and Brandi's daughter

Rich and my brother Bill manning the kitchen

David and my cousin Ruth Ann

My niece Becca
My great nephew Gabriel and my niece Abby

Aidan and Becca, best cousin buddies

My great nephew Khalil getting a high-five from David

My great nephew Abram

Elle and Ally on the beach

My nephew Eli
Susan getting some sun

My cousin Mary Jane and her daughter Suzanne drove down to visit

We watched the 4th of July fireworks from the beach--pretty cool photo by David, huh?!

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