Wednesday, July 20, 2011

York, PA

After getting lost in DC, we drove through a huge thunderstorm on the highway, could hardly see in front of us and I was scared we were going to get in an accident! We finally drove out of it and stopped for some Chik-Fil-A since there was no chance we'd get to York in time to go out for a nice dinner. Again, we had the address for the Yorktowne Hotel, but no directions but we figured we could find it. Wrong again! After several confusing turns, I called the hotel and got a desk clerk who thought I was an idiot. He did not seem to understand that we had no idea where we were, that the roads became one-way and we couldn't turn onto the street where the hotel was located, and so on. He also told us he had no reservation for us and that "everyone was already checked in for the night." But he told us to come on and we would work something out. His directions were completely inaccurate but we finally figured it out for ourselves and found our way around several one way streets to a parking garage on the side street next to the hotel. Upon checking in, I was trying to be friendly and said, "Here are your wayward travelers!" He was nice enough, checked us in, and then turned to Rich to say in the most condescending manner, "Pay close attention--the elevator is right over there," as if we had no sense at all!

It was late and off we went to sleep. The next morning, we roamed the streets for awhile, finding these flowers growing in the pavement and the First Presbyterian Church of York, with its old cemetery.

There were lots of cool buildings around the hotel.

We wandered back to the Yorktowne, where we had a lovely breakfast out on the patio and watched the people walking by.

We checked out of our room and drove downtown to check out the shops and the public market.

Even the parking meters had peace signs on them! My kind of town!

The market was pretty quiet and not nearly as plentiful as many of those we've visited around the country but we still enjoyed walking around and browsing.

Fresh fruits and beautiful flowers

Wow, anyone up for a pancake bigger than your head?

Another peaceful place!

This was a very cool little shop where I bought some jewelry and some soap.

York seems like a neat little town and we enjoyed our brief stay there, other than our dealings with the rude hotel clerk. :) Next, Tannersville, PA and Bushkill Falls.


Suzassippi said...

This looks like a cool place to be. :) I have been catching up with all your back posts; for some reason, they did not show up on my blogroll as new posts, or else, you posted a whole bunch of them at once! LOL
One more week of the daily grind here, and then off for a fun "vacation" to Texas. I guess I should not complain, since I had 3 weeks in SA.

Stefan Hartman said...

Glad you enjoyed your stay in my home town. It's very cool to see an out-of-towner's prospective. Unfortunately, the crime of York City is slowly ruining the city.

Gigi said...

Suz, I have been posting a bunch to catch up! Have fun in TX! Hope it's a good trip.

Thanks, Stefan. We enjoyed your town! Sorry to hear about the crime, though. We did think there would be more people out on the streets on a nice summer day.