Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too soon we have to see Susan's family off....

Susan and Corey weren't able to stay for the whole week but they packed in lots of fun anyway. When we picked them up at the airport on Friday, we went into Philly so Corey could get a world famous cheese steak at Geno's or Pat's, the local rivals. On Saturday, Susan and Corey went to New York City for the day while we took the kids with us to Ocean City. I think they were a little disappointed that no one else wanted or was able to go to the big city with them but they ended up having a great time and seeing lots of sights. I think maybe it was more fun in the end because they could do whatever they wanted and not worry about what anyone else had in mind. I'm really glad they got to have that little side trip!

Aidan in the car on the way back to Philly

Saying goodbye to my girl, Ally. We had such fun!

There they go! It's always hard to say goodbye but we had a wonderful time and I think they did, too!

Later we met at my sister's house for a big potluck dinner.

Miles and Beck

My niece Alex and my cousin Timmy's son Aaron

Nieces Vicki and Kristinn

Sarah and Bonnie keeping the kids amused with bubbles

Cousins Bud, Robert, my brother Joe and cousin Dennis


Suzassippi said...

I must say, you know how to "do family." :) I think this must be the way to vacation.

Gigi said...

It was great fun--still didn't even get enough time with some of them but very enjoyable all the way around. I don't think I had even one "what was I thinking?" moment. :)