Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vacation Catch Up!

These are a hodge-podge of several days at the shore. On the 4th of July, we had a big cookout together. Here are the McHan and Leonhart/Kardon girl cousins, all grown up. I remember them as little girls playing together when we would visit back and forth between Abilene and San Antonio. L to R: Bonnie, Rachel, Susan, Alana (with baby Oren), Sarah, Kristinn and Jordan.

My niece Alana with our newest family member, Oren Louis Adams. He's a sweetie!

Susan and Ally
L to R: My sister Kathi with her grandson Asher, me, niece Vicki, nephew Tim, niece Jordan and my mom

We did some arts and crafts projects during quiet times at the house. Here's Ally working on her kitty cat door hanger.

Aidan and Becca decorating Aidan's sports themed wall plaque

My sister Kathi, Mom and me

Beach time--Bonnie and Emery

Elle and Ally enjoying the water
Aidan and Corey on the deck at the house

Miles, Sarah and Beck

Mom with her brother Bill and his wife Donna
My nieces Nicole, Brooke and Ellie with their mom, Denise

My aunts Teresa and Mary (my dad's sisters)

My cousins Pennie, Pat and Jayne (sisters)

My cousin Robert and my brother Joe

Ally and Elle loved the beach!

My great-niece Sofia

My nephew Ryan and his baby Asher

Aidan riding the waves

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