Friday, September 12, 2014


We flew into Amarillo and were reunited with Bonnie, David and kids. Luke and Emery are growing up and are lots of fun!  We were patiently awaiting the arrival of Williams Baby #3--the other two were a couple of weeks early so we figured little girl or little boy could come any time.  Since Bonnie and Dave already have a daughter and a son, they chose to be surprised this time!  We were all taking bets on whether they'd have a boy or a girl.  I was one of the very few who said "GIRL!"

I ventured out to the park with the kids by myself so Bonnie could get some rest. They had a big time feeding the ducks and playing on the playground equipment.

Emery was thrilled that some bigger girls had befriended a duck and she got to pet it!  The duck was very tame and did not seem to mind a bit.

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