Saturday, September 13, 2014

Winding down in Amarillo

Snuggling with my newest girl

 Playing in the yard

 Emery is going to be a hurdler like her Mama!
 Bonnie and Ada

 Emery and Ada
 Riding bikes in the driveway

 Silly boy

Bonnie and I decided to take all three kids to the park for a picnic on Labor Day.  It was a little more hectic than we anticipated!  We were so busy that this is the only picture I got--feeding the ducks once more.
The day I left was the first day of preschool for the kids.  We were up much earlier than usual and it was a race to get there on time!

 Luke did not want to pose for us
Emery was pretty excited to go back to school, especially because her BFF Madeline was going to be in her class this year.
 On the way to school
Emery's a big girl in the "WAY BACK" all by herself now.

Although I was in Amarillo for a full month, it seemed to fly by!  It was wonderful to have this time with the kids and grandkids.  After Rich left, I slept in Emery's room with her. I told her we were "roommates" so we called each other "roommate" quite often.  She is a very funny girl and comes up with some hilarious stuff. I wish I could remember everything she told me. She was very concerned about my age and told me several times that I was "old."  I realized that this was partly because I wear glasses.  She asked me if I could see without my glasses and I told her yes. So she walked to various parts of the room, farther and farther away, and asked if I could still see her.  :)  One day she was eating carrots and I mentioned that old adage about them being good for her eyes.  She told me "Gigi, you need to eat more carrots so you can see better."  She told me my neck looked old and that my hair looked old (greys!) I couldn't help but laugh because none of it was malicious at all, just observational from her standpoint.

She also told me that Grandpa is very talented because he can juggle and she can't.  She told me when I called him to say goodnight, I needed to ask him if he could juggle with his eyes closed OR NOT.  Then she said, "Well, you should ask him before you say goodnight because if you say goodnight first, he might hang up and you won't get to ask him."

She doesn't like having her hair brushed. Sarah brushed her hair when she was there and Emery didn't complain. She told Elle, "Your mom is a good brusher.  My mom and Gigi are hurters."  LOL  Another day I brushed her hair and she told me I did a good job and was not a hurter any more.

One night she told me she needed me to come in bed and snuggle with her. I told her I needed to use the bathroom first and she scooted over and said "I made room for you."  So sweet.  Then she was telling me that a boy named Ethan "fell in love" with Madeline and that she also "fell in love" with Madeline and they were fighting over her. I asked, "who is winning the fight?"  She said, "Well, Ethan is a boy and he is stronger so he is winning."  She then told me a boy at church had "fallen in love" with her (Emery) but she didn't remember his name. She said he was cute and had spiky hair. And they sure had fun together playing pirates.

Luke didn't really want me to do anything for him when I first got there, especially if Mom and Dad were around. But after awhile he warmed up to me and didn't mind if I got him up in the morning or after his nap, changed his diaper when getting him up (though not at any other time during the day!) and played with him at various times. Toward the end, he even said he wanted to stay home with me instead of going with his mom to pick up Emery so I count that as a victory!  He has such a cute smile and a lively little personality.  It will be fun to see him grow and change as his sister has.

Bonnie and I joked that Ada was "the easy one."  She was nursing well, napping through the day and  not keeping Bonnie up TOO many hours most nights. We could put her in her swing and she would be fine while we took care of other things. I got to hold her and rock her most evenings while Bonnie and David got the other kids to bed and she would fall asleep on my chest or in my arms. She had a few bouts of fussiness but was pretty easily soothed, especially if we swaddled her in a blanket. She really liked that tight swaddle!  I'm sure she will change a lot by the time I see her again!

While the kids were in school, Bonnie took me to the airport for my flight to Dallas.  It was sad to say goodbye, as always.

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