Saturday, September 13, 2014

Family and friends make life sweet

 Sweet girl
I stayed home with Luke while Bonnie and Ada took Emery to a bday party.  He insisted I wear this hat.  :)

Cute sisters!  Emery and Luke have both been very sweet and loving toward Ada.  We were a little worried that Luke might be jealous and unhappy but he has not been bothered at all and smiles really big when he sees her.  Emery was somewhat indifferent at first but then started wanting to hold Ada and every time she saw her with her eyes open, Emery would comment that "her eyes are so BEAUTIFUL!"  It was really cute.
 Bonnie's friends gave her a shower

 Lisa and Lilly
 Leigh Anne, Lindsay, Ada and Bonnie
 Hostesses Niki, Leigh Anne, Lindsay and Liz. These girls are all super nice and lots of fun.
My girl and me.

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