Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thankful for Kindhearted People

We left Jackson to drive back to Logan, UT for the night and then on to Salt Lake City to fly back to Dallas.  On the way, we stopped at a little place called Studebaker's Pizza in Montpelier, Idaho for lunch.  We then drove about two more hours to Logan and pulled up to our hotel, the kids excited about going swimming once again. As we unloaded the car, I realized I did not have my purse with me.  We searched the car and I had a really  bad sinking feeling that I had left it at the pizza shop.  I had driven the last leg into Logan because Rich was getting sleepy and the road was pretty narrow and winding through the hills so I knew he was tired and it was two hours back to the restaurant.  I could not believe I had forgotten such an important item containing my ID for the plane along with money and credit cards.

We got into our room, I looked for the phone number for Studebaker's online and called them up. The young woman who answered was so nice and said they had the purse, had looked in it for a phone number so they could call, but couldn't find one (note to self: add phone number to wallet!)  I asked how late they were open that night and what time they opened in the morning.  She said 9 PM and someone would be there at 9 AM even though they were not quite open yet.  I told her we would do one or the other and got off the phone.  Rich said he would just get up early in the morning and drive back before we had to leave for Salt Lake (luckily our flight was not till early evening the next day).  He was somewhat concerned that he would get there and no one on the morning crew would know what he was talking about and/or wouldn't open the door for him because they weren't open yet.  So I called back to tell them we would do it in the AM and to ask that they make sure the morning shift knew what was going on.  The young woman said, "Oh, I was just going to call you back! My boyfriend is off today and he said he would be happy to meet you halfway tonight if you want!"  She said they felt terrible for us and he wasn't busy anyway so he volunteered.  Now, how nice is that?

So Rich said he could manage the drive since it would not be nearly as bad as a 4 hour trip.  I asked what the gal's boyfriend's name was and she said "Richie."  Funny, huh? I said, "Guess what my husband's name is!"  They both left right away with plans to meet at a gas station halfway.  Meanwhile the kids were still itching to go swimming so we went down to the pool (me feeling quite guilty that I got to hang out at the pool while my tired husband made a 2 hour drive to recover my purse).

Rich met up with Richie, got the purse, paid him $100 and gas money (well worth it, believe me!) and headed back.  Neither the guy nor his girlfriend asked us for a thing and were totally willing to help just to be kind.  How refreshing is that?!  So I hope they were surprised and happy to get a little bit of money that they could use for something fun or for something they needed.  It was the least we could do, in my opinion!

After swimming, we found a flyer for a Mexican food place where kids ate free that night. Woohoo!  Off we went and had a most reasonable dinner.  :)

The next morning we made our way to Salt Lake City, returned our rental car, caught a cab to the airport, and took to the friendly skies back to Dallas.

We do meet the nicest people on our travels.  I wish we had a photo of Richie but we do not.  :)  And I am also very grateful to my "Richie" for being calm, kindhearted, and nonjudgmental about my memory lapse.  He knew I felt terrible about it and he didn't make it worse by being angry or accusatory, just chalked it up to a mistake and went on his way to fetch it for me.  Now that is a good guy.  :)

Our big trip with the kids was about to come to an end.  We overnighted in Dallas with Sarah and Miles since we didn't get in till 8 PM.   The cousins were happy to be reunited for a short visit and we decided to stay through lunch the next day since Aidan and Ally's parents would be at work all day anyway.

It was great fun taking the grandkids on vacation with us.  Although we had our moments of sibling spats and tired grumpiness, it was overall an excellent time!  They are super sweet kids and we're so glad we did it!

PS  If you're ever in Montpelier, Idaho, give Studebaker's some business and tell them hi from the Byes.  :)

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