Friday, September 12, 2014

Just hanging out waiting for baby to come home

 "Cool big bro" Luke

 Bryana came over with her daughters Lilly and Daisy so they could visit with Sarah and all the kids.
 Daisy and Beck check out the tomatoes and peppers in Bonnie's garden
 Elle and Lilly doing cartwheels
 Second cousins Lilly and Elle


Elle reading to Emery and Beck.  Yes, Beck has a black eye from running into another kid at a splash pad back home in Dallas!  It was quite a shiner!
Cute cousins whispering and giggling when they should be going to sleep.  :)

I was thankful that Sarah came to visit and she was a big help while Bonnie and David were still in the hospital with baby Ada.  At one point I did say "I don't think I could have handled four kids!!"  Elle, Beck, Emery and Luke had a big time together but things could get a little rowdy at times!

One morning the girls were brushing their teeth and Elle said, "We are going back up to the hospital to see your baby sister!"  Emery's reply:  "What sister??!"

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