Friday, September 12, 2014

Family Fun

David's parents had us over for dinner to celebrate David's brother Jonathan's birthday.  The guys told Rich now that he is the owner of a house in Texas, it was time to learn how to play the traditional Texas yard game "washers."  :)  Above, Jonathan gives Rich some pointers.
David's dad Bo and Bonnie
 Rich trying out his new-found skills.  He's pretty talented and picks things up quickly.
 Rich and Jonathan beat David and Bo, much to David's chagrin.  :)
Bonnie and her sister in law Leigh Anne (Jonathan's wife), who's working on her MSW. Always glad to see another good social worker in the world.  :)
Leigh Anne, David's mom Rosanne, and Bonnie
Another day we visited my niece Bryana who now lives in Amarillo.  Emery loves her 2nd cousin Lilly!

Bryana's cat is bigger than Luke!

 Cousins Bryana and Bonnie
 And we took the kids to the Discovery Center to explore

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